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Sunday, June 20, 2010

i am optimistic

now, i am a 12th grader. wow, so unsuspected! time goes so fast. okay, i have some planning of that:
first, i will join in GO tutoring for some examination lesson (math, chemistry, physics, etc). and then i will join in conversation english tutoring, to expedite my speaking english.
yihaaa!! i will study everyday, not only study when i will do the test, hihi.
the important things that i'll do: i willn't playing anymore. i will study seriously. so that i will pass my examination with good value. and then i will continue in english literature, because i l♥ve english so so so much, and i want my favorite language can be my main job future, yess be a interpreter! amin :)

who is she? she is inspiring people. she is my inspiring to be interpreter :) always study, effort, and pray. i don't see how it can make me fail to be it. i am optimistic.

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