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Sunday, October 31, 2010

20102010, happyyy!

last 20th October? remember? :p

yeaaa, that my birth date! and you know what?

i am seventeen years old right now, alhamdulillah. thanks, God. You give me opportunity to live in this pretty world till nowadays :')i didn't celebrate my sweet-seventeen bday, like another my friends who celebrated their bday with exclusive, deluxe, glamour party. but i was not. honestly, i didn't like it.
well, i want to sharing with you about this special moment. i got surprised from my beloved people. how please..
first, my fam. when i was preparing to school, suddenly.. surpriseeeed!!! my mom opened my door's room and bought tart cake with candles on it, while sang happy birthday song for me. happyyyy! and my little sister, brought some gift for me, sure from mom and her.

cake bday from mom, thanks mom!
second, my best friend, irma and tery. at school, when i would went to home, suddenly.. irma was closing my eyes and.. wait, wait for a minute. i heard irma and tery's song, and bring jessy cakes, as usual there was a candle on it. hihi thanks alot :*

and once more surprising thing, that is about the gift, nice!
collection of our photos submitted in figura :)

and third, my beloved bf :) he said that he would not gave me something, just saying congrats. buttt, that night.. he came to my home, brought a lot of gift, and i am happy crying because of it :')
and when i opened it...taraaa!!!
terry palmer
towel :)

and... jibbitz crocs 3D! loooove :)

he gave me crocodile, mermaid, and snail shapes.
speechless really, just said thanks thanks and thanks babe :)

anyway, dhika's mom gave me some gift too. what is that? hmmm :)
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

no dresscode

visiting wiga's birthday party on Thursday, at Santika hotel. how happy i am because i met with my old friends, tita, wiga, and feny :)
-no dresscode-

tita - me - feny oke, i got my own style. avenue shirt, cherry high-waist skirt, brown belt, gosh high heel, and always, my louis vuitton handbag :)

happy sweet-seventeen bday dear! :)

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