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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year 2012

happy new year everyone! new year begins.. what's your new resolutions?
i have lots resolutions actually, but i just let it flow in order to what i am going to do isn't only stuck with my resolutions. but you should know that resolutions helpful for rising our spirit to reach what we want right?
ohya guys how did you celebrate new year? i celebrated it with ma family at home and...fireworks! i do love fireworks when we were screaming 5..4..3..2..1..and tara!! fireworks showed up their splendor :)))
Alhamdulillah Allah, thankyou for keeping me alive until this year, thankyou for all who made my 2011 so beautiful.. from year to year i got experiences, and from experiences i learned that life is worth. say hi to 2012, i'm ready haphap!
Saturday, December 24, 2011


im going to Bandung tomorrow.. taking off for a while buddies, i'll back with alot of stories surely :D
see you soon, happy holiday all!


Friday, December 16, 2011



hi buddies. sorry for lack of updates i've been busy lately.
my sister have an chance to go home and she brought this america t-shirt for me. but now she come back to Bandung ummm 3 days not enough to pay my missing :((( hope you go home soon, Christmas please come faster. i have some shots with my old&little sisters too, i'm going to post it soon.

ohya guys am i look fatter? my weight gain five kilograms!! *die*

Sunday, December 11, 2011


i'm going to do my homework.

from fira:
1. Do you think you cool? why? ummm anybody help me to answer?
2. What's your goal in life? success.
3. Tell me about your future husband/wife!
like Adhika Pradhana♥
4. What's is your blog's name? why you choose that?
hello behel. it seems no meaning..
5. Do you hate me? :p
i love you!
6. Who's your role model?
7. What are you doing lately?
dating with Dhika.
8. Do you like sky? why?
surely. sky same as dreams, they are high and i try to reach them.
9. Can you cook something to eat? except instan noodle? :p only fried egg. seriously.
10. Can you imagine, the world without war? tell me about your imaginations!
heaven on earth.
11. Do you like blogging? why? love even :))) blogging is fun.

from tery:
1. cheerleader or dancer. which one? why? :p
both. they are ma passion.
2. do you have a pet? what it is? i have no..
but i want to have a dog.
3. do you like art? what kind? all :D

4. rock or jazz music? jazz for sure. i love Dave Koz&Kenny G instrumentals.
5. what do you think about me? :p
friendly and cute!
6. if you can back to yesterday, what will you do? nothing.
7. what are you doing on weekend? spending whole time with my family :)))
8. do you have a boy/girlfriend? hihihi :p yup. Adhika Pradhana

9. what's your childhood name?
dana paramita rospentil guil guil.
10. do you like rain? tell me why :) aaaaa so much! i love rain like a fat kid loves cakes.
11. what do you think? I'm a student of JHS, SHS, or college? may i say elementary school? xD

from irma:
1. Who's your favourite artist? Dana Paramita. lol

2. Can you sing a song? sure. lalalaaaaa~
3. Do you like playing music? What is it? no, i don't.

4. What's your hobby? alots. blogging the most.
5. Do you love your life? Tell me why! i do love. my life is the happiest life ever. don't you envy?
6. Have you ever love someone who don't love you?
not yet. ouch never please.
7. Can you explain how's your college or school now? extraordinary.
8. Can you dancing? i can! :D

9. What do you think about me?
funny and..little boyish.
10. Have you ever know me? haha i know you so well.....
11. What do you think about my blog?
nice :)))

thanks for tagging me fira, tery, and irma. kisses hugs <3<3
Friday, December 9, 2011

why always black white&red?

i hope you will not get bored with this mixing colors. i was wearing pleated skirt from Avenue, it is so fun to play with! and it could be lovely when the wind was blowing..wedges from Gosh, long strap bag by Ripcurl.

photograph by tino renato
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

today is yours, mom♥

Dear mom,
today is yours. i wish longevity, health&wealth, keep young, closer to Allah, always in Allah's protection. i don't know where i would be without you.
im so grateful to have you as my mother. you mean more than just a mother to me. you are my bestfriend, you are my smartest teacher, you are my 'alive' diary, you are eeeverythinggggg! a better mom i could never find. only you.
ohya mom.. a beautiful face doesn't mean a beautiful heart. but you have both. you are amazing. daddy is really the lucky one to find someone like you.

enjoy your day. you deserve to have a day as beautiful as you. :)))
happy 45th bday mom, i love you.

warm hugs,
your biggest fan
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

waiting for a train

photograph by tino renato

the last month of the year is coming. what your wishlist in this month? every new month i wish that this month better than before. always.

anyway what the hell with GFC? anybody tell me please?
Monday, November 28, 2011

E-camp EDSA 2011

e-camp. a single word which has a thousand meaning. it learned me what is independent. it taught me what is togetherness. it advised me how to work with a team. it awaked me up that we are social beings. it let me know what is compactness, patience, share each other. it was great.

my team (hulk) and kak utha, dearest senior! he is our tutor :D

kak Ditto, president of e-camp.

kak Azka - kak Doyok - kak Utha - kak Bob

and this is.. kak rifqi. he is so kind you knowww he bought ma bag when i was feeling overloaded hehe thanks kak! ;)

you all guys ma unforgettable memories. much thanks for EDSA (English Department Society Association), my seniors, my friends of English Department, Faculty Humanities, Diponegoro University. EDSA EXIST!
Saturday, November 26, 2011

mustache girl

here ma absurd shots with cutie mustache.
just for fun. :p:p

have a nice weekend buddies! xx
Friday, November 25, 2011

coming soon

mustache exists on my upper lip. believe it or not?
coming soon! xD

Thursday, November 24, 2011

fira's work ♥

lots of thanks for my be♥ed cutie fira! wohooo she drew me :) she's so talented i think, beside talented at drawing she's superb at photography too :D check her blog lost in europe, there are some works of hers. enjoy!
Monday, November 21, 2011

blady grass field

i put on my maxi summer dress with leopard print. brown hat and sunglasses for keeping me from bright sunbeam. then went to blady grass field. a field with yellowish green color. feeling peaceful in there. the wind whisper smoothly to me. blady grasses dance happily. tunable sounds of grasshopper singing. sprinkles of dust fly freely. beautiful color paint of sky with white clouds across it. so nature.

photograph by tino renato

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