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Sunday, March 27, 2011


my notebook case = my scarf = tiger animal print <3

anyway, i give an award to Nabila Ariani, my sister, beautiful hijabers :)
Saturday, March 19, 2011


hello my beloved readers :)
first at all, i want to say big thanks for Maya Irmayanti (Hijab Kawaii) that give stylish blogger award for me. happy! thanks so much dear, hug kiss!
and i'll do what the rules of award, seven things about me.

i wear braces. yeaaah as you know that formerly my teeth wasn't arranged neatly, that's why i wear it. my braces favorite color is turquoise.
i like to give smiling in everyone faces. their smile mean my smile too.
shopping is a part of my life. probably my life will be blank without shopping :D do you agree, girls? shopping is exciting activity, a way of dealing with the stress and daily tension that comes.
i like listening instrumental Kenny G, smooth jazz saxophonist. almost everyday i listen it, and i never feel bored with those instrument. it's easy-listening. i like to listen it when i am studying and before bedtime.
Bali traditional scrubs is my favorite. that's relax. trust me local brands have good quality, not lost than global brands quality.
my parents is everything for me. they are my hero. and the point, i really want make them happy. i hope i can invite them to travel around Europe with me!
and last, i love-love-love blogging.

have a nice weekend, love you!
-Dana Paramita-
Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Friday, March 11, 2011

red bow, again.

don't worry because i don't wear it in my head as before.. but in my skirt!
i hope you will not get bored with my face :D

it is very simple and fun! you know what my beloved reader?? honestly red bow is a necklace but i conjured it and.. tadaaa!

i love this gosh wedges because it can make me look taller with more than 7cm heels and trust me it's comfortable. but it's annoying because you can't walk too far with that height.

commiserate for Japan that hit by earthquake and tsunami. lets do what we can do for help them asap. god bless us :)
Saturday, March 5, 2011

let me mix

remember my crop tops do-it-my self? all right i'll try to match it.. i think high waist is the best friends of crop tops. and i mix match it with red belt and converse all star shoes. it will looks little feminine with bow headband and necklace. any comment?

Thursday, March 3, 2011


last night, i dreamed about Rodaduas (gang), ma old friends. maybe cause i miss them.. wait, not maybe but yeaaa, seriously i miss them! i forgot how the plot of dream exactly. but in those dream i was getting together with them, how happy. when i was in junior high school, we always playing around together, but now? very seldom, almost never :( besides it, we lost connection each other. where are you now, huh? all of them is kind boys and.. funny! if i get together with them my soul feel so glad. they always give smiling in everyone's face :)
these are some photos that taken about one year ago when i was playing with them. oh, too long. sigh.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

in love

i feel that i am in love... no, no other boys but with this Topshop tights.

hehe i took so many picture but with different look :p i like zipper flower dress too, and i think it will be nice if i take in park front of my home.

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