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Thursday, June 16, 2011

fake fb

i am fed up with people like these :

yeaaa, they have used my photos (and my sist photos) for their facebook! annoying, isn't it? it's not first time this incident occurred. actually i feel pity to them that use photos of others, not him/her own photos. are you not confident to show your photos?? how pity you are. and i am tired enough to advise them to deleting ma photos so well i just let their awareness coming from their self.
therefore i want to clarify to all that facebook with names Dindin Idto Sii Dian and Devian Niasithaa are fake facebook. and this is ma real fb :


  1. haha asiikk!!

  2. That sucks! Some people have no life.

  3. well that's ok. if you finally find the link don't forget to add my link :)
    by the way that's awful how could they do such thing like that!

  4. gallery + pp album di private aja nduuut

  5. woaah, freak people did freak things
    sabar yaa, smg ga belanjut :)
    thanks for commenting on my blog, how about following each other?

    sweet and sugars,

  6. thats sad...really those ppl have no life..
    do set ur album on private,thst will offer some protection from these ppl..
    or you can inform the fb ppl by lodging a complaint
    have a nice day

  7. sounds like somebody doesn't have a life :\ that really sucks - i wish there was more protection from stuff like this!

  8. I'm here!
    I follow you!now you can follow me!!kisses from Italy!


  9. that's sucks =\
    maybe you can report those fakers together with some friends of yours so Facebook could block their account, they can't look good as you&your sis do so they steal photos:)
    btw thanks for your nice comment!

  10. I think you have the same problem like my friend have
    check this link

    I try to help by the suggest on that link, just ask more friends to do the same so facebook will delete that fake FB sist :D

  11. ups....I can't follow the direction if I am not your friend on FB :D so please accept my friend request first :D

    soalnya temenku si hans itu berhasil delete fake FB nya pake langkah2 itu

  12. adduuuh serem say

    well it means you have positive self. buktinya ada orang yg coba2 faking you
    ( hehe mencoba mengambisl sisi positip critanya )

  13. Itu yang bikin pasti cowok, buat ngejebak orang.
    <--- pengalaman

  14. Thanks for comment in my blog :D
    The girl who is in the photos is not I, is my best friend Amp. :$
    Hahahaha I follow you*-*
    Do you follow me please?<3

  15. haha..
    kasian yah,, -_-"/ mau gaya pake identitas palsu.

    hello behel, blogger walking

  16. wow, that's really suck...
    but how can you find those who use your pictures?


  17. its mean you are beautifull :)

  18. what the hell! why would they do that? that's so annoying!!! maybe u can report it to facebook and their account will be cancelled
    btw, please check out my giveaway :)



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