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Sunday, June 26, 2011

kk ran go home

buddies, i get bored even super bored because i just spending my whole time to stay at home everyday! you know i just had graduated senior high school so at the moment keep quite at home and waiting for announcement, ya announcement to get in university. as usual buddies, wish me luck wish me wish me! ;) i'll never feel bored to say: wish me!
so everyday i just laying on my bad, watching tv, listening music, online, helping housemaid to cook, or sometimes take ma lil sister to go to gym volleyball, and so continue everyday.. too boring right? i need vacation i need relaxation i want to feel free and out of my routines.
well i guess it's time to hanging out with my girlfriends.. i always love this time really! moreover kakak rani, my ex-captain cheerleaders and ex-senior at school (now at Swiss German University) go back to Semarang so let's having fun!

sorry too many photos because we all love taking pictures :p whereas it just some photos not all.. hehe and thanks to Tery for these photos <3


  1. lovely pics! nothing better that spendind time with friends! <3

  2. cute photos, you girls look amazing ! :)


  3. girls you look hot ;)


  4. Cute looks!
    http://mesconfessionsparisiennes.wordpress.com :)

  5. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. i love your blog header… Those photos look like you girls having fun.. i would do the same with my friends :D

    follow you now :D please follow me back


  6. these pix are too cute! love your little sex and the city gang :) great outfit ideas! following! follow back?

  7. You girls look so slim in jeans!
    Wish you the best for university dear! <3

  8. xixixixix..bosen yaaa?
    aq dl juga gt, 3bulan dirumah terus nunggu kuliah, alhasil jadi upik abu dehhh...hehehhee

    tp sesekali jalan2 oke juga tuhh...hhohohoho....
    fotonya lucu2...aq jadi kangen tmn2ku :(

  9. Amazing pictures, you all look awesome!
    I love your outfits ;D

  10. aaah.....iih saya iri..kalian masih seger2 hehe
    (balada meratapi nasib umur menjelang angka kepala 3 beberapa tahun lagi hiks...)
    cantik semuanya

    sukaaa suka suka smile kalian

  11. cute site you got here! make me smile :D


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