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Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th July

happy 4th July everyone! is it right that today is Independence day of America? 235 years old, huh? well happy birthday to you America.. and happy celebrate for American and my blog's buddies who stay in America ;) have you prepare a party? hehe how the way you celebrate it? wish you have a nice celebration ;)

keep rockin' America uh yeaahhh!!

not only United States of America, but today is birthday of dede Adistya Putri too! happy sweet seventeen birthday for dede Adistya Putri yay! hope a wonderful year and enjoy your new age ;) and i still waiting for treat me and others, lunch or dinner together maybe? haha lol
but for kakak hanin -- ma un-blood brother hehe maybe you have known i dont have a brother so i called kakak hanin as ma brother :p maybe today is a tense day for him hihi because he is facing exams today and couple of day ahead. survived the tests kaka do the best! ;) keep spirit as what you say to me. he is really really a kind boy, full of attention and he is
who makes me rise up when i was down. thankyou all the time you have given me support, i adore you ma brother :*
and last, second award.. saying big thanks to kakak glo! she is my blog's buddy but i have assumed her as my sister.. :) she is full of kind, she is always advised me, she is a great writer too hehe you can check her blog, and see she gave me an award. thanks alot kaka :*

have a nice day everyone!


  1. :)

    your welcome
    happy 17 bday for adistya yaaa :)
    big kiss from here :)

  2. happy birtday !!

    have you seen my new post ?!

  3. Thx you mbak dan, thx you kak gloo hehe :*

  4. yeppp it's independence day here! :D I didn't know we were 235 years old! Wowww :O

  5. it's sweet of you to wish her a happy birthday! and happy 4th to you too! great blog!

  6. happy 4th July!!! congrats for the award!!!

  7. thanks for your nice comment :)

    hey, your blog is sooooo cute! i love your art <3 and congrats for your award :)

  8. oh I start to following you, cute blog :)

  9. hello beauty :D
    thanks 4 the lovely comment
    I'm following you and I hope you will follow me back
    take care

  10. hope you had a great 4th of july weekend with family and fireworks!

  11. I hope you had a great time celebrating the 4th!


  12. makasih dana :) you're the most adorable sister,thank you for all your attention :D

  13. ....Amerika ultah 4 juli?
    Gak begitu mempedulikannya... :D


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