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Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

sunshine award

i was nominated Sunshine Award by Crystin from Fashionably Geeked, a kind and friendly blogger, thanks thanks thanks! <3
the rules:
-thank the person who gave you this award
-write a post about it
-answer the questions

-pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deverse it and send them a message to let them know

here my answer:
favorite color? pastel colors
favorite animal? no one
favorite number? number one!
favorite drink? mineral water
facebook/twitter? may i choose blog??
your passion? blogging, writing, cheerleading, dancing, spending money, and many more
giving/getting presents? both :p
favorite pattern? flower & animal prints
favorite day? friday
favorite flower? emmm.. sunflower

and here the awarded blogs:
An Air of Surprise
Drastic Plastic
Piece of me
Rebel rousHER
Teodora's Lookbook
Montros no Armario
A Single Girl's Musings
Ask Erena
Live, Love, Laugh!

have a nice day, buddies! xx

Friday, August 26, 2011


just another shots from previous post :)

DIY: fringe top

one shot clear up DIY what i mean right? ;)
Wednesday, August 24, 2011


giveawaaay! who doesn't want it? :D
well i re blog the giveaway from Journal J, about first giveaway from hers. she said that she would give the first giveaway if her blog reached 100 followers and when she had her bday, and
now both of it are fulfilled so here we gooo.. a chain mini bag from MrsClothes (her own online boutique)! one word, cute.
here the ways to get it:
1. Follow J blog via google / bloglovin'

2. Like MrsClothes Wardrobe on facebook ( as the bag is from MrsClothes )
(no problem if you don't have twitter/facebook account)

more chance to win if you:
1. Re-Blog this giveaway in your blog (or if you don't blog, you can write about this giveaway in twitter/facebook, don't forget to mention Journal J's blog link)

2. Fan J on lookbook

Don't forget to write your name & email in the comment (so she will know where to contact you if you win!)
Let she know what do you use to follow her (via google/bloglovin/both), and also write your blog post if you re-blog about this giveaway on your blog:)

J will choose 1 winner randomly, and giveaway will be closed at 11th September and it is open internationally.

let's join, buddies! ;)

sesame street

i am full of tired seriously, i just had orientation for new collegers or it called ospek for 3 days. and so many assignments that seniors gave to do. can you imagine that i had to asked 100 signatures and biodata of seniors or lecturers only for 2 days whereas it was day off and no one of them entered the class, eh no, instead no one but just pretty few person, it also because they have matters in faculty. so??! but i am so pleased because i have alot new friends from another city even another island (outside of java i mean). i hope i have friends from abroad too hehe.. seniors of culture faculty are friendly too. first i guessed that seniors are fierce but that's big wrong they are so kind buddies. happy to be part of culture faculty, and sure happy to be the big fams of Diponegoro University :)

well here photos which i took before i finish ospek, actually i should have posted it a few day ago but sorry i just have the time to post it right now.

keep it simple with sesame street t-shirt <3 honestly when i was taking those photos, it was my bad-hair-day :p have you ever got bad hair day? i assume every person ever got bad hair day too hihihi :D
Thursday, August 18, 2011

iloveyou, rodaduas!

good news! a few day ago i said that my photos with rodaduas has lost, but now they come back aaaaaaa happy happy happy.. i didn't know how the way make them come back but the most important thing is showing you all of photos my beloved buddies :D em not all will be okay i thought because there are alot of photos, you can check on my facebook if you want :) well first saying bunch of thanks to Rio sw, who've made all photos come back hehe loveyou boy!
Tery, Rio, and me

so we had iftar together in Ayam Kampung Kali (had told before) and then spent the time with playing around together. i pretty miss this moment with rodaduas. and i know then i gonna miss this moment as well.
as usual, my random photos with ma best tery :D
the restaurant cozy enough and having yummy taste. appropriate with the name of restaurant (Ayam Kampung Kali), so the special menu sure chicken. Kampung Kali just the name of restaurant location. there are music live too so we could enjoy all outright. such super happy met up with rodadus.. even though we have changed into colleger and we're all finding our own place, but i trust we can stay together whatever happened, wherever world takes us, and whenever time kills, will us? i hope we will rodaduas. i always get smiling, laughing, and full of fun with them. they are really so fun, crazy, and weird hahaha lol! absurd. totally right what Charles R. Swindoll says, friends make life a lot more fun ;) and don't forget saying thankful to double Rio, Rio bendrat and Rio sw (again), fika, nita, yoga gendut, taphe, and everyone who've became photographer hehe thankyou all!
i do like to pass the day with them, they always give a heart full of joy to me.. :) with them i can see what is friendship, what is togetherness, what is concern. i love you, rodaduas! ♥

better late than never

i should have posted this yesterday, 17th August 2011. sorry for lack of posting buddies.. nothing much, just wanna say Happy Independence Day, Indonesia :) different with other country that as my knowing celebrate it with party or what, Indonesian celebrate it with flag hoisting ceremony :) and yesterday i wore red and white outfits too, suitable with Indonesia flag! wearing headband made it by my self, i made it from shoelace hehe.. all right, just take one shot.

and hey i just found it. ya google decorated its badge 'so Indonesia'. that is pict of Panjat Pinang, one of most popular games when 17th was coming :)
Monday, August 15, 2011

when i was child

hello buddies! just had sahoor and subuh prayer alhamdulillah.. hey how was your fasting?? anyway yesterday i met up with rodaduas! aaaaa how exciting, i really miss them.. we had iftar together at Ayam Kampung Kali and took soooo many photos but accidentally all of photos are lost. ya, lost. aaaaaaa god :''' well it has happened.. so maybe next time we can play around again and taking some photos together hm? ;)
and buddies here some shots i took a few days ago.. actually those are my old outfits. when i was opening my closet then i found this shirt (stacked at the bottom closet :D), ya it given by dhika when my 16th bday. match it with bow skirt that i got from shop online on facebook and as usual i forget name of shop :D that's old skirt too buddies, and i (pretty) seldom wear it only once since i bought it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

flower wings

my classmates, twelve sains one and me pick out to iftar (fast-breaking) together in Kampung Laut. ya, Kampung Laut again! taking some shots in there and taken by Dhika, but i guess he is not a good photographer hmmm you can see almost all of photos are blur and unfocus -_-

Avenue top - Levis jeans - wedges gift from mom - Guess watch - bracelet from dhika's mom

and buddies i was wearing new top hehe.. i got it from Avenue, really love it with soft color and it looks like poncho (seemed i like poncho lately) and flowery print. so girly ;) but dhika said.. 'your top looks like tablecloths'. hah??

match it with white rose ring and bracelet from dhika's mom :) taking sooo many photos in there, you can check it on my facebook ;)

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