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Saturday, October 29, 2011

i miss you like.......

do you miss your sister? yes im!!!! why'd you so far...
these pictures were taken when she gets back. and i can't wait you to back home.
Friday, October 28, 2011


Thursday, Oct 20th 2011.

dear hello behel.. let you know that today is my day. im 18 right now. im going to be adult. im...
thanks god for keeping me alive. thanks god for giving me another year of life. thanks god for every blessing You have given. and thanks god for amazing people around me. Alhamdulillah.
i dont like birthday honestly, i hate being old. i just like to be a child who is playing around full day long, drawing and writing something in the wall innocently, playing in the rain outside happily, chasing around with, and ect. we don't need to study hard, not to go to school or campus everyday, not to do a stuck of assignments, no one problem is faced. exciting, isn't it? but it doesn't mean that i feel regret for living until this year. no. precisely i much much much thanks even extra thanks to God for everything. my life is super colorful buddies, sometimes it has bright but it can be grey or black too. i highly enjoy every second of my life. but unfortunately life is too short to enjoyed.
wishing a cheerful bday as what i want is just a dream. ah no, i mean not at all. im happy too i got many surprises from ma close friend, ma fam. just it? so where's ma bf? hey boy where'r you?! um buddies, maybe birthday greeting and a pair of oversize sandals that not-so-me are enough he thought. sorry to say it, but im talking about reality.
being adult is extremely hard. not as easy as math formula with only playing with number. it looks like physics formula, oh should i ask to Albert Einstein? Galileo Galilei? or Isaac Newton? excuse me sir, which one more complicated, physics or being adult? skip. im staring to joke. i think that being old it means that the problem is coming insistently. until this year, 18yo, i have faced lots of problems, how about a year, even 10 years ahead? hey wake up. life is just a mystery, it's unpredictable. believe that God has managed all of it. we are growing naturally. if we aren't growing it means that we are not living. we are dying. growth is life, buddies.
keeping positive thinking. i trust of my ability, my self, that i can, i go through my ah-ma-zinggg life with amazing people too around me, who always support me. and talking about my wishes, um.. i wish miles of smiles in the coming years. wishing not only a year older but a year better. all the time i always do ma best but i know that it's have perfect yet. ohya i wish i became taller :p:p closer to Allah, be native english speaker fluently, having bottle parfum of wet land's smell, having direct broadcast satellite television in ma own room, my wallet filled full of money and blackberry filled with pulse by its self ha! :D oh and i hope my mom dad not overprotective anymore, im 18 i can take care of my self, i have known what is right or wrong, which one good or worse, so let me play in adventure. please. once more happy 18th me!! forever young ;)))
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thylane Blondeau

Thylane Bloundeau. French Model. 10 yo. Controversy.
Sunday, October 16, 2011

Overdosing with you


Overdosing with you. Billie the vision and the dancers.

I've been thinking 'bout Gabrielle Solis and all the desperate housewives. I've been thinking 'bout Mike Delfino and his gun. I've been drawing patterns in my mind, but I can't fall asleep. I've been counting all the sheep there is to count.

No, I can't fall asleep, that's why I'm here with you tonight. Can you lend me a DVD box or sing me a lullaby?
Hello Mrs. Van De Kamp did you clean the whole kitchen and drink all the wine? Hello Saferide, can you give me a safe ride back to sleep? Cause I wanna OD on DH. I wanna OD on DH. Let me overdose on DH with you.
I've been trying to kill the pain by watching make-believe people's fake disasters. And think if I'd been Elaine this misery'd been followed by studio laughter. I've been looking so hard for someone who could love me like Will loves Grace, but they say “It's not like on your flat screen TV”. It's gotta be like on my flat screen TV.
I've seen you around I can tell that you're just like me. You'd rather watch reruns than deal with the bad spin-off called life. I’ll put the kettle on. Let’s not speak, talk ruins every conversation. I’ve downloaded Dexter. Come, there’s room next to me.
Hello Mr Sipowicz, 'ginning to understand why you act like you do. Hello Pablo, I got this vision we can dance to. I need to OD on NYPD. I need to OD on NYPD. Let's overdose on NYPD when we're blue.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

neon nails

neon colors is always ah-ma-zinggg! the bright color of neon helps building up your spirit on cloudy day, and wishing it can be my mood booster today since i am not in good mood.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dana Crystal Ball

by @HaninBaskoro. thanks kaka <3

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