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Saturday, March 24, 2012

i promise i'll back

having shitty day currently. sorry for disappearing.

Soko - Shitty Day
Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mr. Pancake (again)

here is collection photos of this weekend. guess where is it? yuppp Mr. Pancake (again) :p much absorbing spending a weekend with beloved people near me. how was your weekend, buddies?
Friday, March 16, 2012

still, aztec

forgive me i have not chance yet for blogwalking and checkout your blog all guys. ma tasks pile up.. that's why sometimes i think that 24hours isn't enough for a day. so God, can you please give additional time for a day? a day is too short. sincerely, Dana.
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a happiness today

i believe that every day contains at least one happy event. it's proven, seriously. it happened. i feel that today is a shitty day but.. there is always thing that makes me smiling over. Allah, thankyou for this great happiness. You are really blessing me all the time.. i tremendously love you, Allah.

Goodnite buddies. xx

Monday, March 12, 2012

keep me warm

ma town Semarang is raining currently.. how bout your town, Indonesian? the sky is overcast, the wind blow hard, and the air is so cool. that's the reason why i have a new friend: wool jacket. this jacket is ma current fav jacket, see it has lil aztec pattern. love<3

if i could bottled, smell of the wet land after the rain. I'd make it a parfume send it to you house... -After the rain, Adhitia Sofyan.

super like listening this song when it was raining :)


damn i love you, aztec.
source: weheartit
Friday, March 9, 2012

we are on top

rio&tino. both are the photographer of my previous post. thanks xx *smooch*

just share some pictures with them.

edited by: tino renato
Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sky's story

dear sky, why you look so sad?
you look so gloomy. kindly listen your grumble, sky. lemme know. i really dislike your glum face. keep smiling, you are major beautiful when smiling seriously. your smile greatly meaningful. white clouds will accompany you. the sun next to you. absolutely, you spread the colour in live and make the world brighter.
the sky keeps silent. stay with her glum face. occasionally she yells, and suddenly cries. everything gonna be okay, sky. get well soon.

photograph by tino renato&rio bendrat

just imagined what happen with the sky. she was gloomy during i was taking the pictures on the rooftop. and the camerawork ended when she started to cry.

today, the rain fall.
Monday, March 5, 2012

Afika... apa...

show up how big ma cheeks are. :''')
Saturday, March 3, 2012

fatter gager: me.

who's a 9gag gager? MEEE!!
geezzz im fatter! see my cheeks.. is it cheeks or bakpao?! well. i am on diet.

being part of them, please? :)

it's just the third day of March, but i've lots of happiness Subhanallah.. :) there are always something that make me smile. Allah, thankyou.
the mostly thing that make me happy is i feel that i have a new family. i mean i have a new family out there, not only my real family. i do happy join with ma new family, much peaceful, pleasant. there is no awkwardness. we share eeeverything. i have new experiences, new knowledge. i know alot things that i didn't know before. still remembered how the atmosphere together with them.. that's all the reason why i assume them as my new family. i hope we'll keep in touch always. :)
seems like i love batik lately..affected by my new family! :)

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