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Thursday, May 17, 2012

game over, liar.

dear friends..im back! :D already miss u all............................................. *cuddling*
how's life? ummm im not really good actually since im in trouble with a big hazardous liar! so the silly liar threw dust in ma own eyes by pretending to be a real man who's loving u much, but actually he did more than just a 'sissy' who's playing ur heart. damn, eh?
so guys don't be easy to believe what people says, because sometimes people can be a devil who tell an untruth story. and for u ma sweetest liar, i have learned to build up trust for a looong time but you need only second to destroy it. massive disappointed. now  im done believin' u. :)

P.S. i deeply shocked at Sukhoi plane crash.. my deepest condolences to victims' families. may Almighty Lord gives u all courage&strength.
Sunday, May 6, 2012

EDSA exist!

dear buddies.. how's day?
i have free time this weekend so blogging is the best idea to do i think.. i've been disappeared for a moment, sorry for that i just focus on ma midterm, and it's still going on current. i steal a chance for blogging at this time, i feel so bad for my neglected blog, but i have to have priorities.
besides focus in studying, i insanely busy with ma new organization. guess what's ma new organization? that's EDSA! :D have you ever heard? EDSA is English Department Student Association, a place for students of English Department in Diponegoro University who want to study and explore their soft-skills and ability of organization. i felt like i have a new family in there hehe.. EDSA has several departments, and i ma self joined in Department of Communication and Information. and the work program for this department is especially giving any information for all English Department students, such as making bulletin board, updating social network of EDSA, etc. it's fun for joining here because we can learn anything, not only give us lots friends but also add experiences and teach us how to be responsible. for more information about EDSA you can follow EDSA's twitter here and EDSA's blog here. EDSA, exist! that is EDSA's jargon. :D

oh anyway, Happy May all! xx

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