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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

just going live

this week is my silent week, i mean the days off campus before facing the test. the time where i have to relax.. this is my chance to use my days up with hanging out with ma sister since she came back from Bandung a few days ago. lots of fun 'stuff' planned for this weekend whooppp~

 cumulus, seen from rooftop Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University

talking with regard to campus.. yes, English Department Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University. Alhamdulillah yarab, as you already know that first i was not really interested with. but now those all words vanish. i swear i do enjoy studying in here, exceptionally enjoy. i love learning English language since i love it when i was in 4th grade of primary school, that was my first time learning English and i definitely in love with. that's why now i can benefit this challenge, learning more in English such as grammar, phonetic, phonology, linguistic, etc. for that matter, here is easy, but what i have been learning in here is a lil dissimilar with what i've learned in junior or senior high school. here is.....deeper. i mean more specific. not only concerning how to speak in English, but also how to speak in English well fitting with english phonetic symbols (u can find it in dictionary, bizarre symbols in the bracket). also you have to learn on grammar, and i am being lunatic whenever i was facing verb tenses, the past/present/perfect tenses blablabla. but i emphasize that i am taking a fancy here. should be pointed out that every department basically is easy for those who is liking and enjoying the subjects. don't try to hate the any subjects, because it makes us understanding the subjects hardly.
furthermore, things that make me standing here is... absolutely friends. so friends have major impact for me. my friends here are very neighborlyyy! they didn't hesitate to talk to me granted that we didn't know yet each other. my friends come from various zone, so we have differences in region language (vernacular) then different in dialect, and something else. maybe that's what makes us close, difference is beautiful. :))

from here i learn, let God chooses the way for us. we as His people, just going live in that way. without doubt, it's the best although it's not our desire. if you didn't assure, let the time prove it.


  1. ok, I see.. that's cumulus :D nice angle..
    I've been learning English from songs, haha

  2. goodluck for the "UAS" sist...
    hehehe.....masih semstr 2 yaa..tar de klo uda skripsi, rasanya mesti eneg sama English

  3. the sky looks so odd!
    and love the fact that it is 2 a clock there and its allmost 7 ours later here!

  4. thanks for the suggestion to follow each other.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Great post!!!
    I'm following you right now. hope you can follow me!!!





  5. Hello dear!
    Sure I'd love to follow each other!
    Following you and waiting for you to follow back! *


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