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Monday, August 27, 2012

4 days of fun

i was out of town few days ago. the story begins..
beware! explode of pictures.

Simple Plan - Summer Paradise

Day 1
me and ma fams arrived at 'destination place' at night. we stayed at a picturesque hotel. sooo classy. beautiful scenery available in front of your eyes.. far away from city noise, very quite. fresh air, no pollution, and peaceful. these were what we needed.

Day 2
moved to another place.. at the foot of mountain. freezing! aboard, mount a horse, walk around the thrift stores around. then stayed at a hotel near a lake, and vase of flowers below really caught ma attention. if only i could bring it into my room..

Day 4
we moved on and decided to go to a famous temple in Indonesia.. doubtless you have known the name of it, yes? we were wearing a batik fabric bcs it a must, yes the rules in there. he (working man) said; we have to preserve batik, guests.. ummm, i would gladly wear it, Sir.
introduce, our guide tour, Mr. Suprix. he was excellent one.

Day 4
here we moved (again) and stayed at another hotel (again). sadly it was my last day since my lil sister have to go to school the next day. btw we just chilled out here.

the story ends.
then how was ur stories, friends?


  1. you really had a great time and pretty pictures :)

  2. ahhh how fun!! such great photos sweet gal :)



  3. so wonderful :) you have a nice day, dear :D

  4. Amazing !
    So beautiful pictures !
    Hope you enjoy it a lot !

  5. these pictures are so lovely, i bet you had a great time there! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  6. yg day 1st dmn tuhhh? bagus tempatnya kayaknyaaa

  7. yg day 1st dmn tuhhh? bagus tempatnya kayaknyaaa


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