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Saturday, August 18, 2012


here what i wore yesterday when Indonesia's day.. Happy 67th Independence Day, my Indonesia! (yes, i know im late). actually i miss the way ceremony in the school since i've been a college student now.. but still i have another way to celebrate it. dressing up like Indonesia's flag, maybe? :D
oh photo below was taken super quickly, about a half sec for 1 shot. yes that's why the photos are zuperrr awkward with odd expression and freak pose... but anything as weird as me, i stay love me.

anddd this pict is special requested by my lil sister, Happy, and yes taken by her candidly.
Happy: "Would you post this photo on your blog?"
Me: "You kidding? Surely no."
Happy: "Why?"
Me: "Weird."
Happy: "No. You look damn cute."
Me: "Oh really? Okay I will."


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