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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

people change

something wrong.
  • i live without ma blackberry, recently. i still own it but idk now i seldom touch ma bb even never. first may i can say 'Oh damn i can't live without ma bb' or 'God my live feels empty w/o bb' or whatever. but now guess what, the circumstance changes: i get off it since it was bother me. i just neglect it off by itself bcs the battery runs out. i just leave it whereas there are several messages incoming. i feel that i don't need it. instead, if i go out for some fresh air i never bring it with me. first where there is me, there is my bb. even ago sometimes i bought it into bathroom when i was showering hahaha.. now i just keep ma bb in ma desk and i only take it if i need to refresh ma eyes, seeing that i have sooo many picts of Batman and Andrew Garfield on ma bb haaa! sometimes i just touch ma other phone; nokia, to update essential news such campus things.
  • being individual. yes, less socially. as i mentioned before i turn off ma blackberry messenger, then i seldom tweeting on twitter, i seldom reply messages, moreover i never give ma time for going out with friends, just keep silent at home, and ignoring that sort of things. i overlook to people who talk unimportant things to me; ehm, pardon me. i knew that being individual is not a good idea, yes, we are social creatures. we need to be raised by others, to learn from others, to exist in contact with others. it will not last long i opine (being individual), we all know that brains are hardwired to interact with others. our instinct surely tell us to join with others, as we know that society keeps us alive. at this time i just give ma time to my family, and ma blog hehehe...
  • hard sleep. in the morning i have to do some activities and i dont have time to nap, so logically i must sleep early at night. but no.. big no. hard for me to sleep early, it's so awful that i just can sleep at midnight, or about 00.00 AM. whereas i have to wake up for suhoor-ing (morning meal before the day of fasting, during Ramadhan) at bout 3.30 AM.. well welcome, panda eyes. 
what i am going through above are bad, i guess.. i pray that it's a temporary only.

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