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Thursday, September 27, 2012

are you original?

just remember about an article that i read long time ago about:  Copycat.
(sadly i forgot the link of source..) well i am going to talk about this in my point of view. and if you have already followed my twitter account might you know what im going to talk. :)

copycat is the one that closely imitates another. she/he acts as an imitator. she/he follows another. she/he copies another. agree?

well i was just thinking..where did you get an idea of your outfits today? did you see somebody else wearing it? or see a celebrity wearing it on tv or magazine?
i believe that we have ever copied others' style. you can not say never, because trend would not be 'trend' if people didn't 'copy'.
but what do you do when someone in your circle of friends is obviously copying you? do you feel flattered or annoyed?

i guess..first you may feel flattered to know that you are being copied, you are being looked up by others, you are an inspiration for others. simply, you are trendsetter. but if it continues over time, im sure you will be annoyed and not comfortable, as out of there, 'they' have your style. here's the key: be smart copycat. you can put your own personal style into every trend. don't be a copycat murderer. you know we all would have to admit to feeling upset when there were another person was wearing our outfits. i mean in the same way, overall. here i clarify that i make this post doesn't mean that im a trendsetter or im not a copycat.

come on guys.. everyone's born different. you are here to be you, thus be who you are. an original is worth more than a copy.

conclusion: follow your taste.
Thursday, September 20, 2012

Native American girl

Native American stuffs

i have been craving for these all American Native Indian stuffs for ever!! and heavenly i found them all at Nimus Art, a store that sell all American Indian Products and original handmade from natural materials such as bone, feathers, leather, etc. actually not only fringe bag and necklace that available there but also dream catchers, wall hangings, earrings, bracelets, rings, and so on.

this fringe bag would be my favorite sling bag ever.

anyone interested? send me email at: paramitadana@ymail.com, Indonesian only :)
Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY: scarf necklace

these are what you need: glue, scissors, and fabric. you can use your old cotton t-shirt too.

start by cutting off straight line of fabric, here i cut about 1 cm.

it'll looks like these.

don't forget to cut a rectangle fabric bout 5x4 cm to combine all the pieces.

glue the rectangle fabric with all pieces.

you've got yourselves a cute scarf necklace! :D
Sunday, September 16, 2012

damn i love N.K.G

lemme tell you a secret. so all the time one of my favorite online shop is: Nassi Goreng Keju! no no that's not food's name but shop's name. unique, yes? Nassi Goreng Keju is a handmade online shop from Bali Indonesia and created by Yonas Indrajaya (click and follow his blog here). well not only the name of shop which is unique but also the collections there too! if you don't believe me let you check their collections here. their collections is about batik, hippies, vintage, art, etc. that's why i love Nassgorju! they are different from others and sooo Indonesia :)
palm longcrop and dream catcher necklace from Nassi Goreng Keju

Saturday, September 15, 2012

if i was a bird

The Beatles - Free As A Bird

if i was a bird...
i would soar over the rest of the world free. watching the world from tree branch. free from the noise, far away from the crowd. living in the beautiful nature, flying high in the clear blue sky, sitting on top of tree. got my freedom, freedom to do whatever i want whenever i want and wherever i want. nothing to worry about. if only.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

blue mint meet chocolate

feels like wanna eat my self whenever i dressed up like this. imagine.....ice blue mints meet chocolate. ice blue mint is cool and fresh. chocolate is sweet. so my outfits named cool and fresh and sweet? :3
Monday, September 10, 2012


so, what have you been looking for all this time? necklace below.
Sunday, September 9, 2012

Matahari Fashion Awards #2

another outfit from Matahari Department Store.. wearing blouse with pastel soft color from St.Yves. i love this blouse since it's so girly and has bow-tie accent. i guess this blouse such a matchable outfit bcs sometimes i wore it to college but i could wear it whenever i played out with friends. here i just made it simple with black skirt and flat shoes from Nevada.

by the way how was ur weekend? me spending this weekend with my family as usual hehe.. we went to cinema and watch Perahu Kertas (Indonesian movie). well actually im not such an Indonesia movies lover....but i have to admit that this movie was good. have you watched it? i thought that it's such a watchable movie inasmuch as it has very good moral value. lemme review the point of story. this movie told that we have to find our truly passion. everybody has passion exactly. have you found it? :) thus if we had found it, let make a passion for work. it'll be fun! and......i have to fess up that it's Saturday night. the time i hate the most by reason of weekend is over and tomorrow is Monday and means that i have to go to college and i have to wake up very early morning and go back home late evening...goodnight everyone! xx
Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dskon.com – The Solution for Your Online Shopping!

Girls, who doesn't love shopping? no one? well, so you have to read this article.

Nowadays times have advanced. everything becomes easier today, since advanced technology have been changing the world. one of things that make our life easier is online shopping! today we no need alot time to go to mall or shop stores, no need alot energy to walk around looking for things that you're going to buy. all that you need is click Dskon.com here

Why Dskon.com? Dskon.com is an innovative deal aggregator and online shopping portal websites that operates under Global Leads Group, an internal technology company that operates digital media, content, and communications business in the world. they are not only an ordinary online shopping but an extraordinary one! you can find anything that you need here, not only fashion but also culinary, sports, entertainment, travel, automotive, health&beauty, and so on. they also provide complete information for each store that listed there. great, huh?

This online shopping portals will help every customer engaging themselves through a more interactive and informative online shopping experiences. Dskon.com is interactive because user can choose a wide varieties of Online Stores in Indonesia, within just one click away. These Online Stores are numbers of Online Stores that can be found in Indonesia, selling not only different product categories but also services, starting from Fashion, Electronics, Culinary, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Entertainment, Sports, Automotive, Kids and Baby, and lastly Travel.

Meanwhile, Dskon.com is informative because in every Online Store or in every vendor page that has been visited, the user can find an overview about the online store that they chose, starting from its  product and services, payment and delivery methods, store's contact number, even to its return policy. Not only that, every user can also share their personal comments and review about the particular store. In different words, other customers who landed on the page and would like to make a new transaction in this particular online store, will be very much informed and aware with all the informations that can be found.

Moreover, as a part of its commitment in bringing up fresh infos around online fashion, sales, new shops and the most trendy clothes, Dskon.com also owns its very own blog, in which every online shop customer can read articles about reviews on various fashion products and brand, tips and trick on mixing-n-matching different fashion items, latest updates on sales around the city, and of course many other articles that would be very useful and relevant to the needs of an online shopper.

This idea also has not only helping the customer in finding the right shopping information, but has helping numerous online stores and local vendors in promoting their businesses. Dskon.com do cares everyone, the customer, the businesses, even the littlest one.

Currently, this concept of deal and online shops aggregator have attracted million of fans all across the world, making it as a number one solution for online shopping experience. Different version of Dskon.com can also be found in several big countries such as, Spain with its www.dscuento.com, Brazil with its www.dsconto.com and the newly launched www.best-woman.ru which focused on women's beauty, health, lifestyle and fashion. 

conclusion: Dskon.com is the first Online Shopping portals in Indonesia! they are solution for your online shopping, girls. you have no worry anymore or being paranoid about online shopping because they are very trust-able.  now it's time for you to jump around their pages and start shopping!
Friday, September 7, 2012

Matahari Fashion Awards #1

theme for this post is..having fun! so i choose yellow seeing that it represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and other light playful feelings. life's too short to be blue; so be yellow. ready to have fun?

Super-T Smiley top; Nevada high-waist shorts; Nevada flat shoes

here im wearing the newest items (top, bottom, and shoes) from Matahari Department Store.
let me tell you about these outfits:

1. Super-T Smiley t-shirt
i do love love love Smiley pict on that t-shirt! so cuteee and unique. besides that the material is so comfy and fit to me. first time when i saw those all t-shirts in Matahari Department Store i fell that im in love..so i decided to buy it but delimma was coming. dunno which one should i buy. all of those Smiley were cute. so cute. too cute even. but then i chose big smile t-shirt because i love smiling and putting smiles on everybody's face. :)
ohya seeing that i love crop top so i had an idea to make it into crop top. and voilaaa! what do you think? :D 

2. Nevada high-waist shorts
im such a shorts lover due to they are comfy and easy to wear. and the good thing is they make us move freely! and the yellow one..means that we are ready to be a center of attention. XD

3. Nevada flat shoes
im not a tall one, ehm, yes lil petite; so i seldom wear flat shoes and others flat. but these flat shoes really caught my eyes. simple and elegant.. it's good bcs i can wear them in any situations. it's comfortable to wear if im walking too long rather than heels. they have no doubt for a fall. and this is my favorite shoes currently. :)
gotta ur have fun style? :)

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