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Thursday, September 27, 2012

are you original?

just remember about an article that i read long time ago about:  Copycat.
(sadly i forgot the link of source..) well i am going to talk about this in my point of view. and if you have already followed my twitter account might you know what im going to talk. :)

copycat is the one that closely imitates another. she/he acts as an imitator. she/he follows another. she/he copies another. agree?

well i was just thinking..where did you get an idea of your outfits today? did you see somebody else wearing it? or see a celebrity wearing it on tv or magazine?
i believe that we have ever copied others' style. you can not say never, because trend would not be 'trend' if people didn't 'copy'.
but what do you do when someone in your circle of friends is obviously copying you? do you feel flattered or annoyed?

i guess..first you may feel flattered to know that you are being copied, you are being looked up by others, you are an inspiration for others. simply, you are trendsetter. but if it continues over time, im sure you will be annoyed and not comfortable, as out of there, 'they' have your style. here's the key: be smart copycat. you can put your own personal style into every trend. don't be a copycat murderer. you know we all would have to admit to feeling upset when there were another person was wearing our outfits. i mean in the same way, overall. here i clarify that i make this post doesn't mean that im a trendsetter or im not a copycat.

come on guys.. everyone's born different. you are here to be you, thus be who you are. an original is worth more than a copy.

conclusion: follow your taste.


  1. wow ! i LOVE your outfit :) the top and the skirt together is perf!


  2. copying is a great idea,but one should not forget that each person is different ! love ur skirt !

  3. love the pic! so original, ahah


  4. Beautiful! I love this photo! :3


  5. Oh, I don't mind copycats, and I don't mind taking a thing or two from a person I admire =) Love the copycat shirt
    - Che


  6. I agree with you. I like being copy but sometimes is anoying and it feels like you are losing your identity. Great blog, following right now.

  7. an original is worth more than a copy....
    ya iyalah....hasil fotokopi ga akan pernah sebagus aslinya.....suka deh baca tulisan km yg ini..kaya tugas kuliahku dl....apa y? kayak e kuliah pop culture dl....xixixixixi

    be different, be you ;)
    have a nice day, preety girl ;)


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