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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Love Laceorie!

i was so excited for this photo session due to all outfits above are my favorite outfits recently. that peplum top i got from my mom and instantly it became my favorite top hehe..also my diy rose necklace is still being my favorite necklace all the time. and those red shoes is my new favorite shoes! don't you think a pair of red shoes is a must have item for y'all girls? i just received it from Laceorie, a local brand that sell shoes, bags, and clothes by pre order. seriously it was very comfortable to wear.. Laceorie's really a recommended shop! :)
now the thing that you have to do is.....check and go shopping on Laceorie shop! :D you can check their shop here:
and website is coming soon. happy shopping sweets! xx


  1. how i love your houndstooth peplum top!
    you're so cute Dana! love those shoes as well

  2. drooling over your peplum top there.
    well.. i tag you in my new blogpost here

    i don't know i just think it's gonna be super cool if you make one too!
    go check, dana..

    been following you since a long time ago,
    mind to follow me back, dear?


  3. Long time no here, Dana!!
    How're you??

  4. The pattern of your top is good, those kind of pattern is hype now, right?
    kamu tinggal di Semarang mana sih?

  5. Cute :)
    NEW POST, come visit!


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