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Thursday, February 28, 2013

where i have been?

hello bloggyland! how was life? wait wait... IS THIS MY FIRST POST IN 2013??? OMG. so sorry for no post for very looong time...no im not too busy or vacuum or stop blogging (OF COURSE NOT) or something, im just still enjoying my holiday hehehe. i can't believe that time fliiiiieeessssss as fast as jet. happy new year anw! not too late people, it's still third month. there are still 9 months waiting to the next year..have you made your resolutions for this year? mention. honestly, i havent yet hehehe..where to go, my life? just let it flow..no no dont follow me. it's better to have a resolutions in order to we know where we will go to because we have some plans before. get my point? im going to make my own soon. so people..lemme tell you about my disappearing. i got my holiday since January and now already March, long enough huh? but im going to back campus 3 days later..back to reality back to study back to do some assignments back to face my killer lecturers *sighs* but well people...just enjoy every second of your life. yes, the famous nowadays quote, yolo.

so im still enjoying my holiday...no i didnt have great holiday such traveling to dream places like Paris France or Rome or Grand Canyon USA, but i went to a village in Pare Kediri, East Java. actually Indonesian called Pare as Kampung Inggris because here was the English education center in Indonesia. there were hundred English institutes that you could choose, such as OXFORD, PEACE, etc. you could take some classes also like speaking, grammar, TOEFL, IELTS, vocabulary, pronunciation. i obviously knew that my english is still low, so that was why i lived in Pare for two weeks..to improve my english skill. i only took 2 classes, TOEFL and speaking class. my toefl score was not that good but i felt satisfy with my speaking score hehe..in there i lived in english camp area, that was 24 hours using full english (no Bahasa) and it was so fun! at the first maybe we could say a sentence "how to say blablabla..." if we didnt know how to say that something in english, but then we have to use english and got punishment if we broke the rules! i loved living there due to there were sprawling fields that i visited in morning also evening, to see beautiful sunset. also no pollution because mostly people there used bicycle to go, just same like me. i also rented a bicycle to go to somewhere. living in there really taught me about everything, not only about english language. one of those all was...it really taught me the real meaning of starving hahaha you know i never ever lived far away with my parents, and now i lived far away for them for two weeks and i have to manage everything by my self, manage my own money, manage my breakfast/lunch/dinner by my own. usually in the morning my mom always made me a breakfast and a glass of milk, but at that time i made my own milk and cereals...well i was being independent. i met new people also all over Indonesia, that was great. i had my little family that i loved here, really. im going to back there, soon.
at the end of this trip, then i traveled to Mt. Bromo! it's been a long time since my last visited here...and as always, i was struck with the spectacular view on Mt. Bromo, damn beautiful. i didnt take many photos because sadly i didnt bring my camera, that was only some photos taken by ipad. anyway..between a thousand happiness, God always remind by one problem. God gave me happiness that never stop, but then He gave me a problem. so buddies, i lost my wallet there.....i didnt know exactly how it happened, but i did sure that i put it in my backpack, and i always brought my backpack with me. there were also my blackberry and ipad, but thanks God i just lost my wallet. oh stupid me, i brought cash money and i put it all in my wallet. all money. thanks for reminding me, God. whatta memorable trip.

after spending my time in East Java, i spent the rest of my holiday in West Java, Bandung...just took a little time in Bandung, and then back to hometown, Central Java, and spend my time with my bed. that's a real holiday.
you can check all those pictures on my instagram account, paramitadana. :D see you all on my next post! xx

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