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Thursday, May 9, 2013

out of comfort zone

worst. i was really worst in blogging since 2013. see i just posted 1 posting since January 2013??? omagad. omagad. omagad. i have been leaving you all for sooo long time. i am really sorry seriously i have no time for blogging. seriously. as i mentioned before that i was busy with my college stuffs and.....my new job! yeah i have been teaching manyyyyy children whoa i do love children! moreover i teach them about english, which is i love english language hehehe. talking about job actually my daddy did not give me permit to take a job because he did not want if i was not focus in studying. but i convinced him that i could and i really really really wanted to know how hard to get the money. i wanted to out of my comfort zone - being a risk taker. i have no experience before in teaching but ya from here i learn alot about everything and well it was really challenging and exciting! everyday i go to campus at 6 A.M then back home at 7 P.M and then i do my ass-ignments that are increasing day by day - do they multiply? shit no. lecturer oh lecturer... well and i do my assignments until late night then go bed and you know how is my face nowadays? panda eyes for sure. but i enjoy what i am doing now. this is my choice, but no i would never leave blogging world. never. ever. but yknow it's bad because i have no time for taking outfit pictures, but i'll try my best:) okay i think that's enough to tell where i have been this time...i have to take a bath now and do interviewing! anw these outfit pictures was taken at the end of year 2012 and i just posted it now. well done, Dana... happy long weekend, gorgeous8)))


  1. I definitely understand how difficult it can be to juggle real life responsibilities with blogging. Love this outfit - that print is fabulous!

  2. I can totally relate on how hard it can get to post constantly with all of the other things one has going on in their lives, anyway, I love the skirt dear, nice of you to be back!



  3. sometimes you (everyone) goes thru stages when blogging gets too hard and there are other priorities, but i'm happy to see you are back :D and this outfit is great :)

  4. waaaa... lama bnget ni nda liat post km.. still you do a great look, as always :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  5. You look really cute! Love the dress, and good luck on your new job! x


  6. outfitnya lucu bangetttt
    kangen deh sama kamu...uda lama ga apdet ya kayaknya...sibuk kuliahkah?
    kiss :*

  7. love the dress! you look so stunning! xx


  8. ini dmna kak? Kren tmptnya, hehe..
    Oh y im @t_amoparamore
    nice to know your blog kak :)

    visit mine if you have a leisure

  9. Hello again, behel!
    welcome back to the blogesphere!

    he he he

    Awesome looks!

    Call me muggle but I swear I'm planning to get a part time job as an english teacher for kids too!!!
    hahahahahahah :D

  10. So beautiful! <3
    Love the skirt! Welcome back!

  11. Just the perfect outfit <3

  12. you look amazing! whooa! so, you love children??
    i think you do a good job! you have to continue teaching if you love it :)

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