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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WorldMUN 2014

Paramitadana is back. You guys miss me, no?

Alrite... During this time I was busy preparing my self for the Harvard World MUN 2014 conference since (thanks God) I was chosen as one of the delegates from Diponegoro University to attend the conference in Brussels, Belgium, on March 2014. What's MUN? You guys who love debate world must be familiar with MUN, huh? So MUN stands for Model United Nations, it is like the simulation of United Nations conference. In that MUN, students participate as the delegates representing countries to United Nations committee such as SocHum, WHO, World Bank, UNESCO, etc. The delegates talk about the International issues which is happening currently, do the negotiation, then look for the solution for it. MUN involves debating and public speaking, along with teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Simply, MUN is like young diplomats debate.

In addition to teaching English, I loved joining several national MUN such as Diponegoro MUN and ALSA (Asian Law Students' Association) MUN. But then, I challenged my self to taste International MUN... and I proved it! I strove for the best and my hard work paid off. I was 'flying' in the sky for about 16 hours from Indonesia to Europe. It was sooo tiring but jollyyy! In this WorldMUN '14, I was in General Assembly: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee representing Thailand. It was not that hard since Thailand is also Southeast Asia country and it is the same like my country hehehe... Happily I had an interesting talk with everyone there which have different custom and culture with me. Truly a blessing life:)

This is the WorldMUN aftermovie filmed and edited by Gabriel Lelievre. Thanks!

Im going to tell you about the Brussels, Belgium on the next post anyway. So stay tuned;D


  1. Wow, that is amazing that you were chosen to participate!

  2. Really nice to see that you'll be back here, to write and share again. And congratulation for joining MUN. Every debaters interest and make an effort for it. Really wait for your next post ;)


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