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Friday, September 5, 2014

30 days of happiness

Hereby I, wanna tell you my short story, in 30 days.

I just had a precious process of learning in my life. With 11 others people, I lived in a village under the foot of mountain which was far away from urban areas. It was totally different with the hometown I live in. We, those 11 people and I, have several 'missions' to do in this village.

1st week: I complain and grumble all-day-long. I can't find Nutella or Cordon Bleau steak. There is no internet, there is no mall. The weather is too cold, I get cold-air allergy sometimes. God, let me survive. Also I have not really known my team yet, even sometimes I still forget their names. In addition, my gadgets do not work well there since I do not find any signal. I hate this place. Take me home, take me home, now. Michael Bublé - Home #nowlistening

2nd week: I realize that living here gets me free from stress-life. This village is actually cleaner, less polluted air, less traffic noise. The village really allows me to relax, connect with nature and do certain activities that I can not do in the city. Well, I think I start to like this place. I know I just need some time to adjust to village life. Moreover, I find out that my team, those 11 people, are so nice to me. I like to meet them. Each person is unique with their own characters. We are all come from different cities, and it's good to share each other about our culture. By the way, I have new hobby in here: Seeing the stars from the roof aha! That's cool. The stars here look so much closer and brighter. Been my favorite thing to do there... :)

3rd week: I love this place. I wake up when birds start chirping. I always can’t wait to go outside in the fresh breeze. I view the sun rising slowly from the horizon line. I hear the sound of river flowing sweetly to the ears. I have fresh food for lunch; not burger or fast-food. I see kids playing traditional games cheerfully. I have night time chit chat or story telling with my friends. I take a fancy on the green color of village. I feel closer to nature and can appreciate God's work. Moreover, village people surrounding are nice and friendly. Everytime I was passing the foot-way, they were putting their good-looking smile to me while saying 'monggo' or 'pinarak' which mean 'hi' or 'pay a visit'. Isn't nice? Oh, and I start to call those 11 people as my best friends.

4st week: Can I extend to live here, I beg?

30 days change my life.

I miss you, TIM KKN II UNDIP 2014 Kentengsari // Faris-Dzikru-Andri-Hady-Keke-Putri-Tika-Bunga-Liyan-Dena-Masfur.

Kentengsari Village, Candiroto Sub-district, Temanggung District.


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