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Friday, September 5, 2014

The beauty of Posong

What does make Temanggung lovely? Here we go: Posong!
Probably not many people, especially Indonesians (well including me), know about this beautiful place.....unluckily. Posong is a nature tourism; a wonderful place to enjoy the sunrise between two mountains, Mt. Sumbing and Sindoro. It is located in the village Tlahab, Kledung, Temanggung, Central Java. I highly recommend you to visit this place. Why sooo?
  • Posong is extremely attractive. You can see 5 mountain peaks from this place, they are Mt. Merapi, Merbabu, Telomoyo, Andong, Ungaran and Muria. In addition, there are 2 mountains that you can see clearly, Mt. Sindoro and Sumbing.
  • Posong can be reach without walking away. By riding car or motorcycle, you can up to this place. The way to reach posong is not that hard, it is about 3 km from Temanggung-Wonosobo highway.
  • Posong is sooo cheap! No need expensive cost to enjoy seven wonderful mountains. Yay!

Visiting Posong is one of the happiest feelings by far. Soon after I realize how great God is, for creating this marvelous world... :)
You guys sunrise-hunters, have to put Posong into your destination place to visit before you die, and you will thank me later. Tips: Better to visit Posong at 4 a.m to enjoy the sun rises perfectly.


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