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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

To My Dear and Loving Husband - Anne Bradstreet

Here I am going to analyze the poem by Anne Bradstreet titled To My Dear and Loving Husband:
The poem To My Dear and Loving Husband is one of the most romantic poems I ever read. The poem shows how great the love of these two lovebirds. Every part of this twelve line poem is an expression of love. This poem is a love poem by a married woman addressed to her husband. In the poem, she is saying that how she loves her husband and how her husband loves her. The poet compares all of the precious things on earth such as gold, riches, etc, with her husband’s love. She values her love is more than anything on earth could offer. Even she bravely challenges all women in the world that if there was ever a wife more happy with her husband, she asks those women to compare themselves to her. She also thinks that her husband is lucky because his wife loves him deeply, which is no woman in this world can love him the way she loves him. She is muchly grateful to love and beloved by her husband, however she feels that she can not pay her husband’s love. Thus, in one of the lines in the poem she prays that God will reward her husband’s love with ‘the heavens’. Last, the poet believes that their love will be eternal and last forever. The writer of the poem, Anne Bradstreet is truly an inspiring woman. She is creative enough to choose the words. Word by word is romantic that the readers can feel how she is clearly falling in love with her husband. No wonder she is one of the most important figures in the history of American Literature. She has been called one of the greatest Puritan or New World poets, the first female poet in America, and some even consider her the best female poet of all time.


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