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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Be a human being first, a reporter second.

I just came back home - from working stuffs. I spent my 7 days in Cilacap, Central Java for doing live report regarding the death penalty that is going to be done in near time (but still unclear when and where the exact time). Well everything has its pros and cons, same here. Some people here agree with that capital punishment, some people there hardly say big no for this 'dishonorable' punishment. However, in my country, Indonesia, capital punishment or the death penalty is a legal process by the state given to people doing a crime; in this case the crime is drug abuse. Many countries attack Indonesia for doing the death penalty, inhumanity, they said. 

Being a reporter, is (not) easy. You have to pay attention to the situation all of the time, you have to listen-listen-listen, you have to understand about the issue, you have to be critical, and many more. I tell ya, when you are doing a live report, you have to make an interesting story. No, no fake story. I mean here, try to catch viewers' attention by making a not boring story. How can I make this most interesting story possible? Play with the words, beware of making the viewers bored to listen to you. In addition, a reporter has to get things right. Reconfirm the fact by research, surf the internet to confirm the full or official name of people or organization to which a source belongs. Because yes, people love to call the short name to make it easy. So it is your job -people who work in media- to confirm the all factual stuffs. See how those all things challenge me? That's why I love to be reporter hehe... I like to learn new thing I never did before. More than that, I meet new friends, who are most of them greater than me. Thus, I work for KompasTV happily.

Here is I took some picts of Wijayapura dock (place I work during in Cilacap), the only dock people use to reach Nusakambangan island, or well-known as the Alcatraz of Indonesia. Too bad and sad that this beautiful place is the way to reach prison island.


  1. you are A W E S O M E

    is there any youtube version of your live report?
    Mau nontooonnnnnn

  2. Kak dana seorang reporter juga, wah keren juga kak (y)

  3. wihhh tenryata blog saya dikunjungin mba wartawan hihi pantesan rada gak asik pas liat fotonya hihi

    Jadi gimana hasilnya? jadi dihukum mati gak

  4. great photos what camera are you using?

  5. this is so great! :) i hope you're having an amazing day!


  6. amazing pics :)


  7. Wow, this is the first time I read a journalist's blog. Not for an ordinary journalist, but she's a such journalist. You work at kompasTV, right? Wow! I used to dream that I can work at the famous places--as a journalist or writer. Maybe I'd better blogwalk to your blog as often as I can. Hahaha.

    Nice post, madam. I love the way you wrote this post. It can add my knowledge. Thank a lot. Glad to recognize you.

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