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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Dead Fish

Having a little time to take a breath in the midst of rush is something to be thankful for. Too lazy to dress up, so I was just wearing a white t-shirt combined with ripped jeans and my Vans sneakers while having a quality time with my girl..:)

Photos taken using Go Pro Hero 4

Fish n Co. -- Such a recommended place to have some lunch. On scale 1 to 10, the meal is on scale 9, it has a very yummy taste! Me likeeey. (Dead (well cooked one I mean)) fish is tasty, but do you know that only dead fish go with the flow? Forget the meal, I talk about quote.

Probably I am the one of million people who is deeply in love with those words. Such a beautiful words which have powerful meaning. We all know, a dead fish can't swim, obviously. He just floats along in the direction that the stream is flowing... It is similar as someone who has no drive or push is just willing to go along with the flow. They only follow whatever the world throws at them. They are just being average, not willing to push or drive himself to do better. Result: their life are just so-so. I will be the one who is standing in the front line as the person who can not approve that theory. YOLO friends, serve the best version of you. Go the way(s) you wanna go. Overcome obstacles or difficulties in your life if you want to achieve your goal. Keep going different ways to get to the point you want to be at. Dont be afraid, you are the captain of your own destiny. I love to ask myself periodically, just to check on my own progress, if I'm doing what I want to be doing. And the fact is I prefer doing the opposite, instead of staying in comfortable house with its relaxed and mindful atmosphere, I go and get myself a challenging things to do. Believe me that  breaking your normal pattern is a good idea to do because it enriches your life. Therefore, dont be a dead fish so that you can taste something more owzom than now.

Have a wow life, gorgeous!:)


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